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I always suggest that everyone should have 3rd party property insurance, regardless of the value of their vehicle. This is common sense when you consider the amount of money you could be up for if you hit an expensive car. As for the rest of your insurance, the value of your car both in terms of
Everybody in today's world knows that why car insurance is a mandatory thing and what are benefits underlying. In a country like India today where 80% of car insurance plans are bought online, finding the cheapest one is not an easy process. There are lots of comparison websites which lets you co
Not only does car insurance give drivers financial security, it also ensures peace of mind when driving on the busy roads of South Africa. With accidents occurring on a daily basis, you've got to ask yourself what you would do if you didn't have vehicle insurance - how would you
Your house is one of the most valuable investments made in your life and you expect to live in your little paradise with your dear ones throughout your remaining life. Well, no one can predict what future has kept under hood for you. Therefore, it's not at all safe to live without a house insuran
Motor insurance is the largest component of the general insurance market that holds a sizeable share of around 50% of the segment. Car insurance in the country is poised to grow in tandem with the growth in the automobile industry as new, advanced and faster models are hitting Indian roads every
Vehicle Insurance is usually identical with car insurance. It also refers to insurance of motorcycles, motor boats and other motor vehicles. It is designed to cover damages to the insured vehicles. These damages may be the result of an accident, fire, theft or third party propert
Whenever we are travelling, whether it is for a business trip or a family vacation, many travellers dismiss the necessity for travel insurance. Many seem to think that it is an unnecessary expense, but if things go awry, travel insurance is their only s
In order for efficient functioning of your business, it is important for you to collect payments, for the services you render. However, due to unreliable customers, collection of payments can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Hence, for faster payments, legal protection, etc you can consul
A term insurance plans is an insurance cover for a specific period of time. During this period, if the insured person dies, the sum assured is paid to the beneficiary. The sum assured is the amount of cover which one chooses at the time of buying the policy. The benefit is payable only if the per
Time is very uncertain and you will never know when you might strike with an unexpected illness, or meet an accident and has to be hospitalized. Imagine the money that you would have to shred out of your pockets. The tests, doctor fees, operational costs, room rent, other fees, etc. It will make
An individual who is self employed would require private income insurance to recover from loss or to stay stable. In countries like Sweden, individuals who are self-employed get to enjoy certain perks. They need to fulfill certain conditions in order to attain private income insu
Today the two most important aspects for an individual to look for with respect to financial planning & life Insurance are "Investment & Protection" respectively. All parents & individuals mostly relate life insurances with casualty & death. In reality, it is for the living. Life
‘Care freedom is an effective product by a Religare health insurance company which is specially designed for the large segment of people that go uninsured. Consistent with Religare medical insurance, a major part of people ar
Insurance is one of the financial services that no one wants to use it really, but it is more important when people need it in emergency. The rise of content marketing is one of the recent trend in the marketing wor
Are you thinking of buying an insurance policy for your new car, business or for your life? Then, here are few points that you should consider while dealing with insurance brokers. Insurance brokers play an important role while purchasing an insurance policy. They are the people who give
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