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HOUSE Mommies all over use SOFTSPUN Microfiber towels for their baby, from face towel to bath towel! Its perfect because SOFTSPUN Microfiber is lightweight, softer than cotton towels, very absorbent. SOFTSPUN Microfiber cleanses the skin from the oil, dirt and dead and dr
While fashion accessories can be of different kinds, the ones that excite women the most are fashion jewelry items. It might not be easy to purchase gold and silver and other precious jewelry all the time. However, with semi precious stone and metal based jewelry item
Shoes are a very important part of our lives and we simply can’t live without them. Every person who keeps himself up-to-date with the latest trends always looks forward to having the right pair of shoes. But buying the right pair of shoes is always a tough
Homemade shoes can be comfortable when used either at home or when going out. Following these easy steps, you can learn how to create your own boots.1. Generate an IdeaFirst, you need to design your shoes to generate an idea
A pair of good boots is mandatory for everyone to have. Some people have a favourite pair that they never throw away even if it starts to wear off with age. Throwing away a pair of boots can be avoided or at least you make them last longer if you follow some simpl
Since the printed kurtis are highly trending and huge craze among young women and fashion lovers, you need to know how you can enhance the complete look of these ravishing traditional staples. To become the fashion ico
Like it is a universal fact now that handbags are the best friends of girls and there is not much we can do about wanting them. Just like our apparels, handbags are the second most or may be first, important thing that we look for when we are to go somewhere and need to dress up. Not carrying a h
Sneakers are among the most used shoes for sports and daily usage. If you are a person who enjoys crafting items and is also a sneakers enthusiast, read on the following things to learn how to customize your own boots.1. Materials
Sunglasses have become an irreplaceable part of our lives. You can’t even imagine heading out of the house without reaching out for your favorite shades. But buying a new pair of sunglasses is not as easy as seeing a good-looking pair and buying it. Sunglasses tend to serve purposes higher
One of the most important need that every woman is in absolute craze of. One that carries all your belongings and also that helps you carry yourself stylishly and elegantly. Your best companion. Your saviour of storage. Your best friend. Yes!! Handbags!! A must in your closet and
Most of the women working in the corporate companies often find it difficult to choose formal wear for their work place. Though men are comfortable with the western formal wear like shirt, trousers, coat and tie the Indian corporate women find it very difficult to adapt themselves to the western
Kayo is a SF based fashion designer from Japan. Designs are distributed mainly in USA and Japan, some in Canada, Australia. Focusing on making fun, comfortable unique clothing for men and women. My customers are peformancer, fire dancers, singers, Belly dancers, or someone who jus
How often does one dream of getting married to the love of their life? The answer to this question would be every single day. Wedding day is the most special day of one’s life. Bride and groom try their best to make this day the most beautiful day of their lives, hoping to start a beautiful
Wearing diamond rings and earrings in weddings or engagements has always been in fashion. Though, buying the brightest diamond ornaments at low cost requires tough search and you should go through a wide range of customizable options. Engagement rings with diamond (
Everybody wants to look their best when they step out every morning, don’t they? Well, if you have a trusty tutorial in your pocket, it isn’t too hard to do. All you need is a touch of blush, a pink lip and a neutral
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