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ANTS MANAGEMENT1.If you observe line of ants making its way through the house and building, follow it figure out its starting point or nest.Ants may enter the building through a window pane, flooring crake and or even vegetaion like tree or shurbs near the windows and balconies.2.Keep
  Environmental Drain Services Ltd (www.eds.uk.com) is very pleased to inform the public of their professional drainage services. This company has over two decades of experience in drainage
DSR Group was established more than 2 decades ago in 1988 with the vision of transforming the real estate industry and today after the journey of so many years, its projects stand testimony to the shining excellence and brilliance in execution. Commandi
Dubai: A talent search firm currently has 350 positions to fill for at least one industry. The vacancies are for supply chain managers, quality managers, merchandisers, storekeep
Dubai: More workers in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region lost their job in 2016 amid subdued economic conditions, although hiring outlook for the next 12 months looks positive, a new research suggests. Recruiting experts Hays reported on Tuesday that the number of redundancies in
Over few decades, the automobile industry has brought both positive and negative effects than any other industry in the world when we talk about the environmental affects. Mainly this industry is facing few challenges like
In nature everything should lead a balanced life cycle and in case of science and biotechnology as well. Undoubtedly over the last decade biotechnology has brought a many research in human, animal as well as plants. Usi
Hunger and scarcity of food is one of the major problems in most of the developing countries. Moreover with the increased food price in the developing countries, more than 100 million people are suffering from scarcity of food and hunger. So these are the major recurring challenges that have tack
Over few decades, biotechnology has seen effective growth in cultivating healthy crops in the farm land. Mainly in developed countries corn, soybeans and cotton constitute the predominant biotech crops. Biotech benefits
Apart from the basic level support we shloud not need advanced equipment or highly structured infrastructure but for the level3 and level4 repair need advanced level equipment and infrastucture. We at ECS do offer advanced level support to ensure you with best of our services. We have our own top
Uncontaminated water is highly essential for maintaining the basic hygiene and accomplishing various industrial processes healthily. Water is important not only for the livelihood of humans but also for the well-being of animals. Thus, being a highly crucial element it is utmost important to keep
Antimicrobial agents which are applied to non-living objects to destroy microorganisms that are living on the object are called disinfectants. They don’t kill resistant bacteria spores. Sterilisation is more effective than disinfectant. Sterilisation is an extreme physical or chemical proce
The entire program of EZ battery reconditioning can supply you with the best type of the possibility. Cell phone batteries are a crucial region of the puzzle, just with the perfect care you raise battery life
How intriguing is a well-maintained lawn or garden around the house? Well, we all know the answer to this question. A beautiful lush green garden with leveled grass, small plants, and trees can immensely intensify the beauty of your sweet home. It means a lot to people to have a nice personal gar
Cutting the extended grasses of gardens, lawns, farms, yards, golf courses, parks, etc. is a highly crucial activity. It not only provides a clean and tidy look to the whole area but also avoids the unnecessary breeding of mosquitoes and pests that stick to the grasses and bushes. Cutting or trim
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