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Thank you everyone for the big support on our September program. Its time for what we all have been waiting for.Ostgut Ton artist and Berghain / Panorama Bar resident, Answer Code Request is heading to Analog Room for his Dubai debut. What else can we say? Its final
Welcome to the new season We had an amazing season in 2015/2016 and we couldn't wait to bring the energy back. With the massive support we've recieved throughout the year, we can definietly feel the scene recognises our work, and without doubt: ✮LOVE✮ what
JArabian Vybz is back again with another big Dancehall & Reggae event (Dancehall Fever) in Dubai featuring The International DJ (DJ Vero)from The OverJam International Reggae Festival (Slovenia, Europe).JArabian Vybz speci
A hint lies in a connection made between heaven and earth in a more metaphorical sense. Aquinas had pointed out that there existed a 'principle of continuity' (as it later came to be called) that connected the highest Beings to the lowest of life forms and further dow
Garage: The biggest closet in the house Frequently, garages are a neglected, messy space that ends up as the final resting place for every household item that doesn't have a home. When it seems that everything except the car is parked inside the garage, it's time to invest in a garage sto
To figure out what dj you want for your family event or function, an in person meeting is the best way to move forward. Make a list of questions you want to know about the dj before you make a commitment and hire the dj. You should be aware the style of work of a dj you are interested in to ensur
Temporary safety barriers are usually required if there is any undergoing work on the roads and road reserves. These tasks involve various activities such as plumbing connections, cable works, tree planting and pruning, unloading vehicles and repair works. Safety barriers are those that physi
Kris Fade - the young sensation among the youth of the Dubai will be Hosting the Event night from 10 pm to midnight . He will be interacting with the audience with his own style of games. Many vouchers and
Plenty of times it is mandatory to call a skilled plumber as all the plumbing work you cannot perform. You have tried your best to save money and get the job done on your own, but now you feel that this is it. You need a professional plumber who can help you out in th
The origins   Yetta Lee founded LATY after several years of working experience in Fashion. Yetta was born in South Korea and grew up in Mexico. She followed Fashion studies in Seoul (Yonsei) and Paris (ESMOD & IFM) where she decides to live; she integrates prestigious hou
Tour Dubai, Dhow Cruise the best when you go out with your loved once. We provide the best 5 star dhow cruise experience with red carpet welcome in Dubai Creek, Marina and Abu Dhabi. Come to our Dhows and e
Tuesday 30th Aug 23:00 − 03:00
Cinderella – The Musical Theatre Show in Sharjah
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