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Briefcases will never cease to be important. Ever since their inception on the market, they have been used extensively for a number of purposes. In particular, they are used to carry and store very important documents or delicate items. Over the years, numerous choices of briefcases have been pro
Polo shirts are one of the most common items used by men, women and children alike. It is one of the products that are capable of constantly generating profit for its manufacturing company. People wear polo shirts during every season and hence are a very common kind of apparel. But if they have a
No matter what time of year and no matter what season, Palawan is a favorite destination of locals and tourists because of its white sand beaches, lush forests and exceptional best value Palawan hotels. Depending on how one’s vacation has been planned, there are Pa
Low-cost but quality apartments? Is there such a thing today in the Philippines? There are, but they are hard to come by—except when one looks really hard for them with the aid of some tips on scouring such rare apartments. Of course, classified ads give lots of help in renting qual
The story of Max’s Fried Chicken restaurant can be traced to a dream. One night, Maximo Gimenez had a dream. In the dream he was chasing a white chicken. Little did he know that chickens would be a tradition and a business he would later pass down to his children a
Pardon the informal term “bad”, but I once received a very candid email from someone in Taiwan looking to move to Dubai for a job as a nurse.   I have heard so many good things, but what are some of the bad things about Dubai
Dubai’s telecommunications industry is operated by two main organisations: Etisalat and Du. Both offer special mobile phone packages for visitors to Dubai. Etisalat offers a service called ‘Ahlan’, which is valid for 90 days after
All About Dubai One of the greatest facts is that, Dubai is ruled by the Al Maktoum Dynasty since 1833. Dubai is one of the seven emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It has become known as the country that is call
Many Philippine native dishes have a lot to do with chicken. Native recipes can exploit the potential of chicken to further bring out its savory qualities. But a primary factor in cooking a native recipe using chicken is knowing what appropriate chicken part goes with a particular native dish.
Chicken Binakol Wonder is a unique native cuisine that brings out the charged-up taste of an all-spiced up chicken, and then everything presented on the dinner table in a very indigenous way. This native recipe has the potential to drive the
A super spiced up ready-to-cook delectable fish dish is dried milkfish. It is a popular local and native cuisine that is a favorite on family dinner tables. How is this special cuisine cooked? Bangus (or Milk Fish) is the Philippine’s National fish. The milky white scales on its bod
Beef is a versatile ingredient in Philippine gastronomic art and adds a lot of life to native dishes. Take the Philippine cuisine Boiled Spiced Beef, or “Nilagang Baka” for instance. Tender loin is
Choice and tender pork cuts mixed in a delicately spiced stew of native, crunchy vegetables cooked fast and easy as one, two, and three. Sound good? Pinakbet is a popular dish in the Philippines. In
Chop suey is a popular native dish in both classy and ordinary restaurants. It is one of the healthiest native recipes available. It combines choice-cut meat and liver portions, and the best of crunchy native vegetables mos
“Bachoy” is originally an Ilonggo native cuisine. But several versions were made of it, among which was the native Tagalog dish “bachoy. Most Philippine cuisines are characterized by flexibility. A native dish originally fr
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